May 2015 Probus Trip - to Chinatown

Probus Port Melbourne's Trip to Chinese Museum and Chinatown, Little Bourke St, Melbourne
P1580817 P1580791 P1580792 P1580796
P1580797 P1580798 P1580805 P1580813
P1580816 P1580818 P1580821 P1580823
P1580824 P1580833 P1580836 P1580842
P1580843 P1580846 P1580848 P1580849
P1580851 P1580852 P1580854 P1580856
P1580857 P1580859 P1580860 P1580861
P1580862 P1580863 P1580864 P1580869
P1580870 P1580871 P1580872