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Photos - Links to Photo Galleries

Our Photo Galleries may be viewed by clicking on the link of your choice, below.

Port Melbourne Probus members are welcome to send photos to the webmaster for addition to these galleries. (Please include such information as photographer, date of event, and if you wish, a title for the photo.)

Australian Synchrtron Australian Synchrotron,
November 2018

(Photos Paul, Bruce)
The Big Bouquet The Big Bouquet,
November 2018

(Photos Bruce)
Fairfield Boathouse Fairfield Boathouse,
July 2018

(Photos Paul)
Killara Estate Winery Killara Estate Winery,
August 2018

(Photos Paul, Bruce)
William Angliss,
May 2018

(Photos Paul)
Arts Centre logo Arts Centre Melbourne,
June 2018

(Photos Paul, Simon)
Ballarat Begonias Excursion,
March 2018

(Photos Paul)
Portarlington ferry

Portarlington Ferry Trip,
April 2018

(Photos Paul, Bruce)

Annual New Year Picnic, January 2018
(Photos Paul, Keith)
Melbourne Airport Symbol

Melbourne Airport Visit,
February 2018

(Photos Paul, Keith)


Club Christmas Luncheon @ The Savoy, Brighton
(Photos Simon, Paul, Keith)

Three Sisters, Blue Mts, NSW

Blue Mountains Trip October 2017.
Day 1, Day 2, Day 3
Days 4 & 5

(4 separate galleries:
Photos Paul B, Yvonne B)

State Rose Garden @ Werribee, Nov 2017
(Photos by Paul B)

Australian Islamic Museum Excursion, Thornbury May 2017
(Photos by Paul B, Keith R)

Van Gough at NGV 2017 Olinda and Rhododendron Gardens Sept 2017
(Photos by Paul B)

Altona Homestead Excursion March 2017
(Photos Paul B)

Stokes Collection Mt Macedon Stokes Collection & Garden, Mt Macedon April 2017
(Photos by Julie P, Ron C, Paul B)
2017 Picnic in the Park

Annual New Year Picnic, Jan 2017
(Photos Simon B)

Etihad Stadium Feb 2017
(Photos by Paul B)


Abbotsford Convent Excursion Nov 2016
(Photos Keith R, Paul B)

Christmas Party at Savoy December 2016
(Photos Keith R, Paul B)

Luv-A-Duck Excursion July 2016
(Photos Keith R)

Desalination Plant, Wonthaggi

Wonthaggi Desalination Plant and Coal Mine Trip Oct 2016
(Photos Simon B)

State Library May 2016
(Photos Ron <Roland> C. and Paul B)

Geelong Wool Museum & Little Creatures Brewery June, 2016
(Photos Paul B.)

Vineyard March 2016
(Photos Paul B)

Visit Cricket Willow at Shepherds Flat April 2016
(Photos Paul B)

20 Jan 2016

(Photos Keith R)

Royal Childrens Hospital - Education Institute with
Bridie Mackay 18 Feb

(Photos Keith R)


Excursion to Melbourne Cemetry 11 Nov 2015
(Photos Paul B and Ron C)

Christmas Luncheon at the Brighton Savoy
11 December 2015

(Photos Simon B, Paul B and Keith R)

Luncheon at Parliament House 16th July, 2015
(Photos: Paul B and Keith R)

Trip to the Jayco South Dandenong Caravan Factory 8th Oct 2015
(Photos Paul B & Keith R)

Trip to Chinatown and Chinese Museum
1st June, 2015

(Photos by Keith R)

Visit the Emerald Hill Residences - the New Aged Care Facility, followed by a visit to the McKillop Centre June 30
(Photos: Paul B and Keith R)

Trip to Merimbula - Sunday 3rd May to
Friday 8th May, 2015

(Photos by Simon B
and Paul B)

SET 2: Trip to Merimbula - Sunday 3rd May to
Friday 8th May, 2015

(Photos by Ron C
and Paul B)

March 2015 Queenscliffe Bus Trip
(Photos by Paul B and
Ron C)

April 2015 War Memorial Visit
(Photos by Simon B)

Jan 2015 Picnic-in-the-Park: St Vincent Gardens
(Photos by Paul B)



Nov 2014 - Visit to Johnston Collection then Lunch at Persillade
(Photos by Keith R)

Dec 2014 Christmas Luncheon
(Photos by Simon B)

July 2014 Guest Speaker
Grant Mackenzie

"Housing options for

(Photos by Paul B)

September 2014 Activity - Visit to Beleura House.
(Photos by Paul B)

June 2014
William Angliss Luncheon.

(Photos by Paul B)

March 2014
Daylesford Convent Visit

(Photos by Paul B)

Picnic in the Park, January 2014
(photos by Simon and Paul)

February 2014 Laneways
Walk with Jill Hauser
(Photos by Bruce L, Julie G, Paul B, SimonB, Keith R)


Video Christmas Lunch -
Musician Justin Brady with many photos.
Two sizes: 34MB and 80MB

Dec 2013 Christmas Luncheon - 73 photos
(By Simon, Paul & Keith)

The Johnston Collection
Oct 2013

(Photos by Paul B)


General Meeting
Sept 2013

Heather Wheat Guest Speaker plus all members!

Rhododendron Excursion Oct 2013
(Photos by Charlotte and Yvonne)

Werribee Zoo

Werribee Zoo Trip July 2013
(Photos by Paul B.)

Montsalvat Excursion August 2013
(Photos by Paul B.)

June 2013 Pier35 Restaurant Luncheon.
(Photos by Paul B.)

June 2013 Meeting
(Photos by Paul B)
Pt Cook RAAF Museum
April 2013
(Photos by Keith R)
South Wharf Precinct Walk with Jill Hauser
May 2013
(Photos by Keith R)
Victorian Police Museum
February 2013
(Photos by Paul B)

Trip to "The Briars"
March 2013
(Photos by Ron C. and
Paul B.)

Picnic in the Park, January 2013
(Photos by Simon B)


Our Wonderful Christmas Party at Albert Park Anglers Club December 2012
(Photos by Keith R)

Extra Christmas Party Photos
(Photos by Simon B
and Paul B)

Nordic Walking November 2012
(Photos by Simon B)

Visit to Old Melbourne Gaol November 2012
(Photos by
Keith R and Paul B)

Gasworks Park - Behind the Scenes - September 2012
(Photos by Paul B)

Graffiti, Grunge & Glitter - Walk with Jill Hawser October 2012
(Photos by Keith R)

Melba Hall Performers Granger Museum and Melba Hall Excursion 2012
(Photos by Paul B)
Behind the Scenes at Arts Centre and Hamer Hall 2012
(Photos by Paul B)
Lawcourts, Laneways & Lattes Walk 2012
(by John P and Keith R)
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Duneira Tour 2012
(Photos by Simon B)
williamstown Williamstown Botanic Gardens 2012
(by Simon B & Keith R)
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Blue Lotus Trip March 2012
(by Ron C, Paul B, Keith R)
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Cranbourne Gardens 2011 Probus Christmas Party 2011
(This will open in a new tab in your browser)
Tramboat Tramboat Voyage 2011 Immigration Museum 2011
William Angliss Luncheon 2011 Carlton Historic Walk 2011
Historic City Walk 2011 Flemington Racecourse 2011
Boat Trip on the Polperro 2011 State Library Visit 2011
road trip 2010 Port Melbourne Probus Group Road Trip 2010. christmas 2010 Christmas Function, 2010.
group Port Melbourne Probus Group on tour, 2009. General Port Melbourne views
(Photos by Keith R)