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Benefits of Membership

Typical Experiences of Membership

If you would like to see some of the typical activities experienced by members of Probus Port Melbourne, visit the 'Typical Experiences' page of this website.

Qualifications for Membership

Probus is open to anyone of good character who has had some measure of responsibility or achievement in any field of endeavour. Applicants will be active retirees who seek opportunities to keep their minds active, expand their interests and to enjoy the fellowship of new friends.

Price of Membership and Due Date

     Membership fees for renewing members are due 1st April.

Procedure for Joining

  1. We suggest that you first familiarise yourself with Probus through this website and the Probus South Pacific website so that you can be fairly confident that it might suit you.
  2. Attend a monthly meeting as a visitor. If you know a member already, arrange to come along with them to a monthly meeting. If you don’t know any current members, contact us via email or mail as per the ‘Contact Us’ page. We will then make arrangements with you to attend a meeting as a visitor.
  3. If you decide to join, fill out a membership application form (click HERE to get a downloadable copy of the form) and give the completed application form to our club Secretary at a club General Meeting, or send it in via the address in ‘Contact Us’.
  4. You will be notified once your application has been processed, and at that time you will be requested to pay for your membership (see above for subscription amounts). You can pay in person at the next meeting or via a bank transfer using internet banking. Note that the club does not have a credit card facility.
  5. After your membership payment is received, you will be included in the newsletter distribution which will give details of forthcoming meetings and events. The newsletter also lists committee members who you will be welcome to contact in order to clarify anything about Probus.
  6. At your first meeting attendance after your membership application has been completed, you will be formally inducted into the Club and given your Probus club name tag.

Your Contribution to the Club

Please note that as we are a voluntary organisation, it is expected that all members will contribute to the running of the club at some stage in their membership, for example by becoming a member of the Committee of Management.