Formal Rules

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Formal Rules & Constitution

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Formal Rules for all Probus Clubs

Probus Clubs, whilst self-governing, are required to adhere to a basic set of rules of operation in order to preserve their integrity and reputation.

These rules include:


Constitution of Port Melbourne Probus Club

When a Probus club is formed, it adopts the Preamble and the twelve Articles of the Standard Probus Club Constitution provided by Probus South Pacific Ltd and agrees to comply with its provisions. The constitution provides a set of rules for running the club, covering areas such as membership requirements, committee of management, runnning of club meetings, club finances, duties of club officers, and dispute management.

The constitution is reviewed from time to time by PSPL and our club's constitution is based on the most recent version of the Standard Probus Club Constitution adopted by PSPL in February 2013. As an incorporated body, our club uses an Incorporated model constitution which includes the Probus club accreditation requirements as well as the legislative requirements relevant to the state of Victoria.

Click here to view the current constitution of the Port Melbourne Probus Club.
(Adopted 27th September 2013)



Standing Resolutions of Port Melbourne Probus Club

Standing Resolutions are an annex to the Constitution which contains a set of ‘house keeping’ or management rules, similar to by-laws, that a club may choose to set in place to regulate their internal affairs in accordance with the wishes of the membership. Standing Resolutions may cover rules such as the specific number of committee members in the Port Melbourne club, club meeting dates and times, maximum number of members in our club, annual subscription amount, names of life members.  A standing resolution cannot be in conflict with an Article of the Constitution.

The Standing Resolutions document also contains the club's Risk Management policy, Privacy policy and Activities and Tours Refund policy.

Click here to view the current Standing Resolutions of the Port Melbourne Probus Club.
(Adopted 22 July 2016)